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Re: Your Smile Page

Dear Mrs. Reale,

You have given parents and interested readers the best entertainment going!
This Patricia Eggertsson, is she hiding her talents under a bushel basket?
She needs to be syndicated I say, SYNDICATED!  What can we do to make this
happen?  How about culling the networks of our parents to see who we can tap
to help us out?

Mrs. Eggertsson, you surely have a handle on human nature!  As a fan of the
former Erma Bombeck, God rest her soul, I can only say that your view on the
ordinary rivals hers and is a refreshing message to remind us that we take
things much too seriously and need to lighten up a LOT!

Wherever you hail from Mrs. Eggertsson, keep on feeding us with your unique
ingredients of humor, common sense, and unadulterated first hand parenting

A "Keep-It-Coming" Reader

The Author's Reply:

   The reader that sent you that review, whoever she is, and I am sure I have
never met her in my life, is obviously an astute student of human nature. She
has a gift for cutting through, as we writers like to say, the external amenities of the incohesive yet congruent babblonious hunkerings. In other words, she cuts to the chase, shoots from the hip, talks straight from the heart and avoids cliches like the plague. I like that in a fan.
To quote a great writer, whom we all know and love, "Keep those cards and letters comin!"

Your humble Smile Page writer,
              Patty Eggertsson

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