Awards...I've Won a Few...and I Did It MY Way!


Oh, come on, who am I kidding?? It was dumb luck, but what the heck, I'm proud to display 'em here! Thanks, all! I'm a little verclempt! Talk amongst yourselves!


All awards received after July 2000 can be viewed by clicking here. (God, I hope it's not a blank page when you get there...)

Award received July 29, 2000.Thanks, Brian!

The following award came in on July 12, 2000. Thanks, Randy!


I was delighted to receive this award and note May 13, 2000.

Stopped by your site  ---

Terrific pages. Very funny. Delightful. Great Design. Wonderful contribution to the World Wide Web. I am much impressed. I am awarding your site the Humor Award.

Ned gave our site an award, for Gosh sakes!!

Why? Because it's a web site!

Thank ya, Ned!

Another along those lines...why? Why not?

Beautiful, non? Mais, oui! Thanks, Harry!

This one was posted July 2000.

What can I say? The one below is from the site! Thanks, Tim!

You'll definitely want to visit the Comedy Zone! We were so pleased to receive their award on June 19, 2000!

Click here for great comedy!

Probably the coolest news I got in the spring of 2000 was that The Netwits liked my site and invited me to be a member of the group (after much pleading and cajoling by my web mistress sister, and a couple of hefty bribes...)

Cool, Dude!! I'm now a PROUD MEMBER of 

Netwits founder Keith MacDonald said this about me as a newbie to the Netwits:

"Patty Eggertsson is so wacky I don't know WHERE she comes from, but I'm sure they have barred windows and padded walls. Her SISTER pushed me to view her site and when I did I had to admit: she's funny! Too bad they're BOTH stalking me now...."

Does this mean he LIKES us? Hmmm... well, there's a link to his wonderfully funny site ("humor dispensed with little regard to the feelings of others") on the HumorLinks page, so check it out. Me, I've got some stalkin' to do...

Woo hoo! Great news!! My site is featured in the Centre for the Easily Amused!

It's a great site! Check it out (after this one, of course!)

Well, that's it for now, gang! Hope you enjoy our site as much as we enjoy creating it!













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