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Unusual Places in Cyberspace for Inquiring Minds and Surfers in Search of Something Different... 

Our resident snoop--er--researcher-- Cilly (short for Priscilla) Puddy has been busy finding some gems you're sure to want to visit! Better she occupy herself with this  than with that nasty binoculars and telescope habit that's gotten her into more than a little trouble with her neighbors and the authorities in the past-- but let's not go there, shall we? Let's go to some cool and unusual sites instead...Cilly Puddy's Site-ings!

Yes, Virginia, These Are  Web Pages!

Here we go now...

Bunny Survival Tests

Do the Funky Chicken!

Zapato Productions... Serving the Paranoid Since 1997


Scary Squirrel Site (For all you mature folks out there...) (For you llama head designers. Click! You know you want to!)

Funky Pages

Qix Brain Scanner!

Know What DAY You Were Born On?

See Evil Knievel Jr. Born! Tee hee!

The Billybob Teeth Website-- A Must See!

Daily "Crabby Road" Cartoon page


I Skip.Com  (Feel like a kid again!) (Just a FUN Site! No, it's not mushy!)

Want SURVIVOR updates?

101 Fun Recipes Involving Testicles?? (Includes jokes, festivals, and more!!)


Pop Goes the ... Oh, my! Click the link to play this game! ...Very Different, and VERRRRY Interesting!

Working Wounded Funny, and so creative! Enjoy!

Added 12/2/2000 or later... Thanks to Linky and Dinky, who find LOTS of these bizarre sites!

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen

Pop Some Bubble Wrap!!  (You know you want to!!)

Get Married on the Web RIGHT NOW!

Wacky Pictures Site

Do the Dubya Dance!!

Virtual Food Fight

Goofy Science News...The WHY Files

Scary Baby Pictures!! Don't believe me?? Check it out!

Everything you always (?) wanted to know about those Marshmallow Peeps! 


Hey! Cilly's tired! She'll be back with more when she feels like it.

Have an unusual site to recommend? Send me an email!

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