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Yup, These Are My Musings!

What? I can have musings! I muse, okay? You're never too busy, too old, too late, too out of shape to muse! Don't ever forget that, and you'll go far in this world. But I digress (as I often tend to do...)



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 Who Took the Fun Out of Fundraising??

(October 2000)

Back to School Shopping Is Fun, Fun, Fun!

(September 2000)

An Unconventional Wedding Toast

(August 2000)


In The Blink of An Eye

(published on Mainstreetmom.com 7/2000)


Philosophy 101  Added 6/8/2000!

All's Well That Ends In Chocolate 

(Above piece renamed and revised 5/2000. Why? Why not? You'll like it!)

A Shot of the Flu

"Flu Shot" published by ParentingHumor.com, 4/2000


("TeenSpeak" coming this fall to Parenting Today's Teen)

Exercise and Me? Now THAT'S an Oxymoron!

(Above piece renamed and revised 5/20. Just call me fickle. But don't  call me late for dinner... oh, and it was published on BabyUniversity.com, 7/2000)

Dad's Tools

Dad's Tools  published on parentingteens.com 6/2000


Forgotten Item Syndrome

Pie Eaters Anonymous

Pillow Talk

Oooh, aahh! This entrepreneur has come up with a new, completely different game show!!! Take a look!! (That means click, okay? Well, DUH! First time on the net?)

Who Wants To Be A...

Seasonal Stuff

Halloween Horrors

Month Before Christmas Poem


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