Aha, I attracted another one to this page! I knew this was a good idea! Regis will just kick himself when he sees how popular this game (my idea, of course) is! But, no, he wouldn't return my phone calls... 


Join Us in a Rousing Game of

Who Wants to Be....

. ..a shepherd?  


Come on, who wouldn't?! You'll have flexible hours, the benefits of being your own boss, working in the great outdoors, and maybe, just MAYBE, you'll witness a heavenly host of angels heralding the next Messiah! (Or not.)


Test your knowledge! Test your skills! Test your urine--Hey! This is a family website! Take the test, win a vocation! Or at least a box of prunes!  I think I have one in the back of my pantry from when I was pregnant 11 years ago--WHAT!? They keep! And even if they don't who could tell?


OK, here goes! FYI, most of these are little known facts so if you get stumped, don't feel bad, even I don't know all the answers, and I wrote the questions!


Regis Philbin's hair is actually
   a.) combed out cotton balls               b.) steel wool
   c.) grape vine twigs                              d.) no one really knows for

Complete this phrase: Out with the old...
   a.) it smells like mothballs                 b.) ball and chain
   c.) in to the nursing home                  d.) it's covered with mold (a
good rule of thumb for anything growing hair in your fridge)

This colorful Viking plundered and pillaged just for the fun of it:
   a.) Red Skelton                                  b.) Red Adair
   c.) Red Buttons                                  d.) The Red Baron

She was the first female Justice on the Supreme Court:
   a.) Diana Ross                               b.) Diana, Princess of Wales
   c.) Cagney                                       d.) Lacey

The pyramids were built by
   a.) IM PEI                                           b.) Frank Lloyd Wright
   c.) Levitt Homes                             d.) the Shriners

Before they called it Tallahassee, the Native American name for the capitol of FL was
   a.) Funky Town                                   b.) Petticoat Junction
   c.) Hooterville                                     d.) da Bronx

The Moon Rock on display at the Smithsonian is actually
   a.) Guda cheese                                  b.) the other white meat
   c.) a big wad of Wrigley's gum      d.) a petrified Eva Gabor  wig

This mythical creature has been spotted in the mountains and forests of North America:
  a.) Alf                                        b.) Yeti, the Abominable Snowman
  c.) Patrick Ewing                  d.) Elvis

Okay, that's all the questions for right now... you can email the answers to me, and I'll let you know if you're a winner. I'm having a hankerin' for a prune shake--- gotta run! Don't worry, I'll save you one from the box, if you win. Heck, if you win, I may even surprise you with a brand NEW box of 'em! Store brand--gotta make sure I've got money for the next round of  Who wants to be... a...whatever I come up with? Stay tuned, you adventurers, you!!

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